What is Compression-Therapy?

Compression-Therapy combines the proven methods of warmth & gentle compression to promote blood flow, reduce stiffness in joints and alleviate pain. Compression-Therapy has also been utilized in activity as a performance and recovery measure by assisting continuous blood flow, minimizing blood pooling, increasing drainage of toxins like lactic acid, and helping to sustain reparation processes.

Compression-Therapy can also be a preventative measure, the gloves can be used for such things as long distance flying, pregnancy, occupation, and lifestyle.

Who needs these gloves?

Our gloves can be worn by anyone experiencing hand pain. Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis & Raynaud's Syndrome are just a few. There are dozens of chronic ailments that our gloves can help with. Compression-Therapy gloves have also shown to be useful for recovery after surgery, sprains, and broken bones.

How long do they take to work?

As with everything medical, it depends on the wearer. Most people feel and see results within a few hours, however for some it takes several days to feel the full effects. It depends on the severity of the ailments afflicting the wearer.

Can I wear them to bed?

Absolutely! Often our customers mention that it is their favorite time to wear them because they experience pain through the night. The breathable material ensures that your hands won't stay sweaty either! 

Are they for men or women? 

Our compression gloves are for both men and women. Chronic pain doesn't discriminate. 

Do they come as a pair?

Yes. You get two gloves with your order. One for each hand.

Do they come with warranty?

Yes our gloves have a 1 year warranty. If you have any issues with the glove simply contact the support team and we'll take care of everything!